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Dirty Tricks
1. Wait Till Saturday
2. Back Off Evil
3. Sunshine Day
4. If You Believe In Me
5. Too Much Wine
6. Call Me Up For Love
7. Marcella
8. High Life
(+ 6 bonus tracks)

Night Man
1. Night Man
2. Weekend Raver
3. Armageddon (Song For A Rainbow)
4. Fun Brigade
5. Play Dirty
6. Now You?re Gone
7. You Got My Soul
8. Black Diamond
(+ 6 bonus tracks)

Hit & Run
1. Hit And Run
2. Get Out On The Street
3. The Gambler
4. Road To Deriabah
5. I?ve Had These Dreams Before
6. Walkin? Tall
7. Last Night Of Freedom
8. Lost In The Past
9. You Really Got Me
10. Get Out On The Street
Johnny Fraser-Binnie (g, k, v)
Terry Horbury (b, v)
Kenny Stewart (v)
John Lee (d & p on DT and NM)
Andy Beirne (d, p & v on H&R)
Album added
May 24, 2004
Dirty Tricks / Night Man / Hit & Run
© 2004 Majestic Rock Records  (MAJCD029/030/031)

blues based hard rock
(not categorised)

RR review
Dirty Tricks was a British blues-based hard rock band, which recorded three albums in the second half of the 70s: ?Dirty Tricks? (1975), ?Night Man? (1976) and ?Hit & Run? (1977).
I knew about the band, but up to now I never had the chance to listen to any of their albums. Now that I have listened to all three - they have just been re-released by Majestic Rock Records ? I don?t have the feeling that I?ve missed out on anything important. One thing?s for sure, nowadays their brand of bluesy hard rock sounds nothing else than old-fashioned, uninspired and dull. The songs of this band don?t impress me at all and the vocals of Kenny Stewart are just awful. Conclusion: although these re-issues look nice (8-page booklets, 6 bonus tracks on each of the first two re-issues), I don?t think that many people will be interested in purchasing them.  (CL)

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zoso34 (on 30/09/09)

I saw Dirty Tricks live twice in the seventies and really enjoyed their blues rock riffs. I recently downloaded all 3 albums and have them playing on the mp3 player. While I agree they might not be in the Zep or Deep Purple league, I would recommend giving them a listen. Whats wrong with good old fashioned blues rock anyway...I personally love it!
rkblues (on 3/12/05)

Hey I had Hit N Run & Night Man when they came out...yes I'm over 40...but these albums are good for the period they came out in. Especially Hit N Run. They are a good hard bluesy band...with a good guitarist. They kind of remind me more of Free than Bad Company especially the bass guitar. Kenny Stewart's vocals do take some time to get used to...but at least he's sounds like himself. The reissues could of sounded better though...Majestic!!!! No master tapes I take it?
tompa (on 17/07/04)

Writing Kenny Stewart's voice off as "awful" is, in my opinion, not the correct way of describing it. I would go for "unique". I've heard just as many "liking it" as "not liking it" and that has to be down to his vocals being something out of the ordinary. And that's a very important factor, I think, not falling into the mainstream-trap. You don't have to be Plant or Steve Perry to make it work, having a distinctably recognizeable voice which suits the music will do the trick. The first Dirty Tricks-album is the one that really counts, to my ears. Sure enough, the others hold enough great music but suffers from the bass and drums taking up too much space of the soundpicture, with the guitar being buried too deep down in the mix. The first album relies a lot on strength of Wait Till Saturday, Back Off Evil and Too Much Wine. All timeless classics! They have been described by some rock critic as a heavy metal Bad Company. Although I'm not into the slow moody, stuff of Bad Co, I can see, hear and understand the comparison.
CL (on 25/05/04)

Contrary to what dear AORPOMPY and Gloobey might think, I have lived in the seventies and some of my favourite bands come from that glorious decade. For instance, Boston (great debut album) and Blue Öyster Cult (remember that hit "Don't Fear The Reaper"?). In comparison to both above mentioned bands, Dirty Tricks' star is fading immensely. But if you guys think they deserve four stars, it's just another opinion next to mine. I still think they sound old-fashioned, dull and uninspiring!!! So guys, go out and buy this stuff! I pass and shall await the re-issue of Waysted's "Save Your Prayers" instead...
AORPOMPY (on 25/05/04)

This is not classic or memorable stuff, sure, but as bad as Chris says it ain't ! You must have lived in the seventies to appreciate this music ! And I really can follow Glooby ! Chris, you have no heart for the music of the seventies. For me, the best CD's (Legs Diamond, Rush, Montrose, BOC, Van Halen, The Godz, Creed, BTO, Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Styx, Nugent etc. etc. ) are made in the seventies !!!!!
O.K., this band doesn't belong to this class acts, but has its own merits.
I wouldn't call it dull, uninspired etc. The fact that this is the first time that you hear this act says more about you than about the band.
Not great, sure !, but not that dull !
Gloobey (on 25/05/04)

Surely by saying "...I don't think that many people will be interested in purchasing them" you are helping to ensure that this will be te case. By any stretch of the imagination I would not consider this a fair review. Don't you have anybody who reviews for you that has an understanding of seventies rock?


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