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1. Everything
2. True Believer
3. I'd Understand
4. Don't Take Heaven Away From Me
Patrick Kearney (v)
Chris Lane (g)
Mike Anderson (b)
Brian Karl (d)
Album added
April 23, 2013
© 2013 Station Music LCC  (SM001)

melodic hard rock
4 tracks - TT 16:24
release date: March 2, 2013
AOR & melodic (hard) rock

RR review
Melodic hard rock is considered by many sources as something that had its heyday back in 1980s and was buried along with its subgenres when Seattle grunge took over the airwaves. And while there's no denying that our beloved genre went through some extremely difficult times in the 90s, it survived and since the dawning of the new century has made quite a comeback albeit by no means at the same level as 25 years ago.
And with the renewed intrest in all things melodic rock comes a host of new and exciting bands. Some of them take bits of the classic sound and mix it up with other elements while others stay with all the things that made this kind of music so exciting in the past. One of the new breed of melodic rock bands that falls head first into the latter category is Station.
This New York based four piece played its first gig a little over 2 years ago and has continued playing as many gigs as possible ever since. But they've also found the time to record 4 of their tunes that serve as a warming-up for the full lenght album that is on the way.
The thing that immeditaely struck me when I gave the EP its first of many spins, is the disc's excellent production. Responsible for it being so warm, crispy clear and full (just like it used to be back in the day) is none other than legendary producer Michael Wagener and the good news is that he is also working with the guys on that earlier mentioned debut.
Musically the foursome doesn't sound like one single band in particular but if you like acts like Firehouse, Trixter, Jailhouse, Blonz or late 80's melodic hard rock in general, you really should take the time for some closer inspection.
The focus here is on memorable songs equipped with melodies so infectious that they will stick with you for days on end once you've been exposed to them.
Lead off track ?Everything? is driven forward by a steady back beat and some very effective riffing but it's the chorus that makes it a real winner. Editor-in-chief Chris described this little gem as ?having all the genre's wellknown clichés in less than 5 minutes but that doesn't change the fact that it's one helluva track'.
On the following ?True Believer? it's Chris Lane's melodic guitar work that stands out while on the gentle ?I'd Understand? he exchanges his amplified axe for an acoustic one to bring the listener a ?More Than Words? styled ballad.
Closing the EP is the bouncy ?Don't Take Heaven Away From Me? that can best be described as Dokken meets Ratt. While initially I fell head over heels for ?Everything? it is lately the mini album's final track that has taken up residence in my head.
I know that some of you will diss the band by saying you've heard everything that Station have to offer before but my advice is to just enjoy the music especially when it's so damn good.  (PS)

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Anthony Wild (on 24/04/13)

Listened to the ep on their site, and i really wanted to love this, but the singer is a bit of a let down. I was hoping for in the likes of Dr Grind, Jesse Strange, first Talon singer, Wildsides Drew Hannah and so on, but this guy is more of a Ted Poley (of Melodicas debut cd, not good vocals at all) and the singer of Tango Down. But, having said that, i didn´t like the singer in White Widdow at first, now i love him. So with time maybe. The vocalist in a band is the most important for me. The music here is fine. Love the song "true believer". The singer might grow on me. Time will tell.


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