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1. A Matter Of Energy
2. The Mystic Technocracy
3. Darwin?s Tears
4. Norse Cosmogony (Part 1)
5. Norse Cosmogony (Part 2)
6. Judeo-Christian Cosmogony
7. The Divine Comedy
8. Legion Of Aliens
9. Loving The Alien
10. The Gem Of Love
11. The Secret Of DNA (Part 1)
12. Purple Orb.
13. The Secret Of DNA (Part 2)
14. Prophecy
15. Black Swans
Douglas R. Docker (lv, bv, spoken voice, k)
John Payne (lv, bv)
Göran Edman (lv, bv, spoken voice)
Tony Mills (lv, bv)
Amanda Somerville (lv, bv)
Guthrie Govan (g)
Jeff Watson (lg, rg, 12stg)
Gregg Bissonette (d)
Magnus Jacobson (d)
Tony Franklin (b)
Donald D. Docker (as, ts, clr, spoken voice)
Silvana Momigliano (spoken voice)
Touria Nouri (spoken voice)
Andrea Rampa (spoken voice)
Janthana Rodjakkhen (spoken voice)
Davide Ronfetto (spoken voice)
Album added
August 8, 2012
The Mystic Technocracy Season 1: The Age Of Ignorance
© 2012 Lion Music  (LMC325)

progressive rock
studio album
15 tracks - TT 79:26
release date: June 18, 2012
progressive rock/metal

RR review
Once in a while Lion Music surprises me with an excellent album and this solo effort from Douglas R. Docker under the moniker of Docker?s Guild certainly is such a highlight. The man in question has been developing this progressive rock opera wholeheartedly and the outcome, called ?The Mystic Technocracy ? Season 1: The Age Of Ignorance?, sounds quite impressive from start to finish. It?s a new and exciting science fiction story/project about the fact that for over 4000 years, man has tortured, murdered, waged warfare and committed genocide all in the name of the same God, worshipped by either Christians, Jews and Muslims. In other words: it?s about the madness of man when he falls under the influence of fanatic dogmatic faith. A more than interesting topic, but what further makes it such an outstanding album is the fact that it?s progressive rock, but mainly performed by AOR musicians, which proves the thin line between the two genres. Have a look at the list of guests on the left side and you?ll agree with me that most of them are widely acclaimed musos. As with all rock operas, it doesn?t make sense to point out the strongest tracks as this kind of stuff must be listened to from start to finish. I loaded the album on my iPod and have enjoyed it many times ever since. The good news is that four other seasons (and CDs) will follow, so there is plenty in the pipeline for all of us. Hats off to Mr Docker (I?ve never heard of him before) and Lasse at Lion Music for surprising us with such fine stuff. One for my top-10 at the end of the year ?  (CL)

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snoe (on 18/02/13)

This project is shaped in a way that would make Arjen Lucassen proud. Musically it leans more towards Asia as this project is more or less progressive AOR than purely progressive rock. "Darwin's Tears" really lifts this album from a good level to a great level. Only top notch vocalists were used to fill in the vocal duties for the superbly written songs. This album deserves more support and attention on Rock Report than it gets now. A truly overlooked gem!
douglas (on 8/11/12)

Thanks for the great review and nice comments guys :) Glad you liked it. A 9-min short film for Darin's Tears is about to come out as well as we expand into multimedia. You can see a few previews on the YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DockersGuild?feature=mhee
Thanks for the support!
madgarry (on 11/08/12)

Top stuff, a great album from a guy ive never heard of. Looking forward to the next one already
Elival (on 9/08/12)

Very good album.
WOLF 359 (on 9/08/12)

A wonderful CD full of Asia and Ayreon inspired music, some of the best singers in the world and topped off with a host of superb songs. A killer prog rock album and no mistake.
Jarryguo (on 9/08/12)

Good for fans of Ayreon or Jupiter society. Darwin´s tears Is one of the song of the year!!


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