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1. Highway Of Love
2. Amy
3. Strong Enough
4. Heaven?s Paths
5. Heat Of The Light
6. Can?t Stop The Rock
7. The Meaning Of My Lonely Words
8. The Infinity In Us
9. Still In Your Heart
10. Homeless Lullaby
11. Follow The Stars
12. Unbreakable Wire
13. Under Silent Walls ? Part I
14. Under Silent Walls ? Part II
15. Under Silent Walls ? Part III
Pierpaolo Monti (d, p)
Amos Monti (b)
Alessandro Del Vecchio (k, v)
Marco D?Andrea (g)
Mario Percudani (g)
Alessandro Del Vecchio (k, v)
Marco D?Andrea (g)
Mario Percudani (g)
Album added
May 27, 2010
Shining Line
© 2010 Avenue Of Allies Music  (Avenue 10 04 0012)

melodic hard rock
studio album
15 tracks - TT 76:18
release date: May 14, 2010
AOR & melodic (hard) rock

RR review
German label Avenue Of Allies Music has released some excellent albums so far and the latest in the row is ?Shining Line?, an all-star project in the vein of Phenomena and ? more recently ? Voices Of Rock. The main men behind Shining Line are two Italians: drummer/percussionist Pierpaolo Monti and his longtime friend and bassist Amos Monti. Most of the songs were composed by the former, but he got some help from his friend Monti as well as some other musicians, including Harry Hess and Alessandro Del Vecchio. Produced by Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Eden?s Curse) and mixed/mastered by Michael Voss (Casanova, Mad Max, Voices Of Rock), the first thing that surprised me is the excellent sound of the album. But even more impressive are the great quality of the songs as well as the performances of the long list of guest vocalists and musicians that joined this project. I don?t know how these two Italian stallions succeeded in getting all those famous names, let alone to pay them for their efforts. You want to hear some names. Well, here are only a few: Erik Martensson, Harry Hess, Robbie LaBlanc, Robin Beck, Mikael Erlandsson, Michael Shotton, Sue Willets, Bob Harris Carsten Schulz and Phil Vincent. All of them were carefully chosen in respect to the mood and sound of each track, making the album a listening pleasure from start to finish. I couldn?t spot a single weak track among the 15 on offer. Believe me, it?s a pleasure listening to this versatile album from the very first notes of ?Highway Of Love? to the closing ones of ?Under Silent Walls ? Part III?. Among my favourite songs for the moment are opener ?Highway Of Love? (featuring Erik Martensson ? Eclipse and W.E.T. ? on vocals), ?Strong Enough? (featuring Robbie LaBlanc ? Blanc Faces ? on vocals and Tommy Ermolli on guitars), ?Heat Of The Light? (feat. Robin Beck), ?Still In Your Heart? (a duet between Sue Willets ? Dante Fox ? and Bob Harris ? Axe), ?Follow The Stars? (feat. the underrated Phil Vincent) and ?Under Silent Walls II ? Alone? (feat. the one and only Michael Bormann). One thing is for sure: this album will be on my top-10 of 2010. Absolutely recommended!  (CL)

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Axe-To-The-Wax (on 27/09/12)

very good stuff indeed.
Jez (on 28/07/10)

Been hearing lots of good things about this one on various sites and the couple of tracks I had heard were quite promising. I mentioned somewhere else that this has the feel of another 'Voices of Rock' project and now I have heard the whole thing, I definitely stand by that comment, although Michael Voss' production for the 'VOR' albums is alot better than on here. This is a good'ish album with quite a few good tracks, but somehow, it isn't blowing me away like I hoped it would and after a good few spins, I am a little disappointed to be honest, after all the raving I have read elsewhere. It's good don't get me wrong, but something is lacking along the way somewhere.
Latka (on 30/06/10)

This platter is definitely one of the AOR highlights of 2010, and even more, probably thé highlight of this year.
I like the diversity of the songs.
Easily one of those albums you can listen to over and over as it doesn't get boring mainly due to the fact that all tracks are performed by different musicians - all with one common element : they are all catchy and melodious.
Highly recommended.
AOR Ive (on 20/06/10)

Just like Heat , this is a great album for the true AOR and melodic rock fan .
Not one weak song and the use of different singers gives this album an extra dimension . Great songs , great vocalists and a topclass AOR sound . What do we want more .
LeRoux (on 9/06/10)

Overall good cd, and with 76 minutes this one gives you value for money. but I must agree that I also miss some real strong songs that would lift this release above the just good level.
Fav's: heat of the light, highway of love, strong enough, can't stop the rock.
Steel Jockey (on 1/06/10)

I can't share the really high rates for this. I'd say about 4-5 great songs and the rest just regular OK melodic rock with brilliant production. I was expecting much better to be honest but still it's all a matter of taste and it is a solid album.
Axldobby (on 29/05/10)

As I've said in my review (http://metal-integral.com/chronique.do?chronique_ID=1793), it's a nice stuff however I notice a lack of "strong" songs.
Nice work of Mister Zorro and Amos, plus Gregor Klee from Avenue Of Allies !!! :)
YNGWIEVIKING (on 29/05/10)

I think SHINING LINE is a good project even if the same defects are still present as all of this STUDIO all-star project...
The production is good and each track is interesting separately ,you can also feel the labor of love in each song but it lacks real personnality or identity, (and except for AINA or KOTZEV's NOSTRADAMUS and Obviously for the Huge AVANTASIA/PHENOMENA) it's always the same problem,very difficult to find the real essence of the project... VOICES OF ROCK/DELANY/LIBERTY 'n' JUSTICE/NEVERLAND and even some fantastic project like STAR ONE/AYREON are suffering for the same symptoms/troubles...so good comparisons !
Some tracks are way better than others,that's another unity problem but the whole sound a bit like VOICES OF ROCK ,and imho maybe EVEN better...
Very much in the Classic AOR cathegory ,so you know what to expect...No EPIC here...But the will to please each and every AOR fans...Maybe it's the UNITY thing that i was serchin'...
My fav tracks are :
.,,under silent walls" with M.BORMANN
.,,strong enough" with R.LABLANC
.,,Amy" with H.HESS
.,,can't stop the rock" M.ERLANDSSON
So now you Know what to expect...I'll give it ****1/2
nevio (on 28/05/10)

I had the luck to hear some previews already from september , so i knew perfectly what kind of jewel we had to expect ....
but now - with the "finish product" in my hands- i've to say that it is even better !!!!
guitarman (on 28/05/10)

The fact with 'Shining Line' project is that when I first read about it four months ago I had high expectations. And now I have to admit that I was not wrong! This is a very good release, a strong album of pure melodic rock sound. The production is overall very good and clear (it's important). The songwritting is tight and it seems that the two persons behind all of this have given heart and soul to create an album like this. Some really strong melodies and memorable choruses are makin' this album very enjoyable and a must have for every melodic fan out there.
As for the tracks of this release, I think it's meanless to review track by track because I really can't find a weak moment here. Hmmm, maybe the "The Meaning Of My Lonenly Words" didn't worked for me here, but hey, that's only my opinion!
Bottom line is that, if you are into melodic rock/AOR or generally in Rock music, "Shining Line" is a true gem and a very good purchase. Well done!

nigeljames (on 28/05/10)

Totally agree with CL
Stunning album which took me totally by surprise. Brilliant performances all round and an excellent production as well. Got to be in my top 10 cd's bought or listened to over the last 5 years.
WOLF 359 (on 28/05/10)

Excellent album indeed, well worth the pennies.
USDHEAD (on 27/05/10)

Precisely!! Nice review, Chris!


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