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1. Better This Way
2. Cellophane
3. Still Be Here
4. Gravity
5. Gave You My World
6. Kill The Cycle
7. This Summers Gonna Last Forever
8. Ghost Of Me
9. Save Your Life
10. Hand On My Heart
11. Winning It All
12. Oh So Really Old
13. Tragedy
14. Undone
15. Dream Of A New Day
16. Electronic Karma
17. Take Me Back
18. While You Dream
Keith Semple (lv, g)
Tammy Mooshey (v)
Nick Cox (g, v)
Richie Hofherr (g, k, v)
Mark Kennetz (b, v)
Danny Weymouth (b, v)
Dan Miller (d)
Mike Mooshey (d)
Album added
August 27, 2008
© 2008 NTD Records

melodic rock
studio album
18 tracks - TT 73:07
release date: August 2008
AOR & melodic (hard) rock

RR review
Since their start in 1985 (yes, that long ago), Illinois band 7th Heaven has grown to one of the biggest indie bands of the world. Not that they sell albums by the truckload, but mainly because they have made a name for themselves as a very active live band. Playing approximately 200 shows per year is indeed a number that would make many bands jealous.
Seven CDs have been released so far, but as far as I know only two of them contain original material: the double ?Silver? album (2003) and this brand-new ?U.S.A.-U.K.? album, probably called this way because they?ve invited vocalist Keith Semple from Northern Ireland to their line-up. Semple is well-known in the UK as winner of Pop Stars and is a great singer, perfectly fit to perform the material of 7th Heaven, that can easily be described as a poppier version of Def Leppard. No less than 18 tracks with a total playing time of 73:07 minutes pass in review and although that might seem a bit too much, I can say that the songs didn?t annoy me one single second. Radio-friendly tunes with a lot of hit potential is the best way to describe what these guys have delivered and as such, it?s almost unbelievable to see that they didn?t grow into a mega act by now. If you don?t believe what I say: go visit their website, where you can listen to samples of all of their songs. An absolute must for all the fans of Leppard and beyond!  (CL)

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Jez (on 16/12/08)

Good set of tunes generally, although they do get very samey after awhile. The vocalist is great, but the rest is let down by a weak production, especially the rhythm section which is completely flat and lifeless. With the songs on offer, this doesn't hold the attention for it's over long 70 minute running time and to be perfectly frank, rocks as hard as a granny at a Cliff Richard concert. I don't want to be to hard on this one, as I said above, there is some nice songwriting on here, and some songs I really do enjoy, but compared to some of the competition out there,this does need to grow some balls and vary the songwriting.
Stefantyketto (on 14/11/08)

Guys, letís be seriousÖ This is a good record by any means, but not that good.
To me it sounds quite an anaemic at places album, which is targeting pop and college audiences. Musically and vocally reminds me a lot of Brett Walker, in other words a poor manís Bryan Adams.
Try their medley cd that is much more enjoyable than this one, for the simple reason it is full of well played covers. Decent melodic rock, nothing more nothing less.
Falke1 (on 11/11/08)

..just what CL said...!! although I've never heard of Keith Semple...
first five or six tracks are a little too slick & formulaic perhaps and I think the tracks that work best are those that don't sound like Def Lep...in particular I find myself drawn to one of the quieter more reflective tracks on the album 'Tragedy'. Album gets stronger and stronger the further you go into it and 'Electronic Kharma' is a stand out...got this via MR.com with the very nice 'Christmas' bonus...recommended
Rockdiamond (on 4/10/08)

Very good album, in the Def Leppard tradition.
awesomemac (on 18/09/08)

Never heard of 7th Heaven, but after "tasting" a couple of samples from their website I have to say that I want more!
YNGWIEVIKING (on 7/09/08)

100% Agree with CL's review !
good maybe too "3 minutes 30 second pop calibrate" for me but good anyway *****
AORster (on 5/09/08)

This is good! Bought it from their web site for only $10 incl postage. Best spent money in a long time imo.


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