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1. Every Story Told
2. Nothing
3. Where Will You Go
4. Pages And Pages
5. Ghosts
6. In Your Eyes Another Life
7. Runaway
8. California
9. What We Are
10. One Big Game
11. Why
12. Reason To Believe
13. Monster
Kip Winger (v, pi, g, ag, b, sy)
Cenk Eroglu (sy, g, ef)
Alan Pasqua (pi)
Noble Kime (pi)
Andy Timmons (g)
Ken Mary (d)
Rod Morgenstein (d)
David Davidson (vi)
John Catchings (cel)
Album added
May 21, 2008
From The Moon To The Sun
© 2008 Frontiers Records  (FR CD 373)

melodic rock
studio album
13 tracks - TT 61:09
release date: May 9, 2008
AOR & melodic (hard) rock

RR review
Note: this is a guest review from Steven "darkblue" Reid

Well, I've had the album for a couple of days now and even though my hopes and expectations were sky high, they have been exceeded. All of Kip's solo albums are phenomenal, and ?From The Moon To The Sun? is no exception. The majority of the tracks have a similar feel to the last album ?Songs From The Ocean Floor?, maintaining Kip's awesome melodies, whilst also challenging the listener as he takes you through a mixture of styles and cultures.
Opener ?Every Story Told? sets the album up brilliantly with great, strong melodies and superbly produced vocals. As with most of the chorus's on the album, its sound is just huge, and played at volume, it feels massive. Other songs such as ?Nothing? or ?Pages And Pages? also have chorus's to lose yourself in. There are also songs like ?California? and ?Why?, which feel more like Kip's acoustic releases: very lyric driven and understated.
Throughout the album the level of musicianship is outstanding, with all the usual suspects: Kip (obviously), Andy Timmons, Ken Rose, Alan Pasqua, Ken Mary and Rod Morgenstein not only playing superbly, but always sounding like they really believe in the music. Special mention goes to Cenk Eroglu, who plays and programs a multitude of instruments across the whole album. His and Kip's production is absolutely spot on. Sonically this album is up there with the best. And let?s not forget that Eroglu also co-wrote some of the tracks.
As always with anything that Kip Winger does these days, there are plenty of curve balls thrown in there and he constantly challenges you to pay attention and keep up with what is going on, whether it's a middle eastern chant, a sax break or an off kilter piano chord. ?What We Are? comes on like the Beatles circa ?The Magical Mystery Tour?, or ?The White Album?, even having ?string? breaks and offers a more upbeat feel than most of the album. The track that most people here (and elsewhere) will have most issue with though is ?Ghosts?. Kip described it as starting out as an exercise he was given whilst studying music. What is has ended as is a haunting (hence the title?) film score like, dark and stark piece of music, and the only song which is is devoid of strong melody for long passages. It is violin and piano led - and as I've read elsewhere - could easily have been written for film noire. I have had to persevere with the song to find its merits, and after deciding to listen to it in isolation from the rest of the album, I love it. Be warned though, it's not even vaguely rock music, and maybe doesn't belong on the album, or should have been a bonus track. And speaking of bonus tracks, we get a fantastic remix of ?Monster? from Kip's debut solo album ?Thisconversionseemslikeadream?, and whilst not quite bettering the original, it is a nice alternative to it.
?From The Moon To The Sun? will not excite everyone here, and in fact I'm sure some will be thoroughly ?lost? by its appeal to me. However if you like music with lush melodies, thoughtful heartfelt lyrics, challenging intricate passages and awesome vocals, then you won't hear a better album this year or maybe longer. Album of the year? At this stage no doubt whatsoever! Simply stunning!  (darkblue)

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Metalrob4662 (on 7/10/09)

Superb Music all the way around who knew he had this much talent? I'm simply blown away at this album, one of the best albums I've heard in years.
gerasczman (on 5/12/08)

Kip Winger has created his own musical universe and he should be very proud of it. The general balance and atmosphere of ‘From The Moon…’ brings out the best of the artist. A highly textured, harmonious tapestry of sounds and influences from his own pop/rock sensibilities to Middle Eastern flavours as heard in the opening ‘Every Story Told’ with it’s string surges and a lively Andy Timmons’ solo, to the instrumental ‘Ghosts’, conjuring up imagery of Ingmar Bergman movies and Prokofiev soundtracks.
‘Pages and Pages’ is one of my favourite tracks with it’s lush balladry and beautiful outro: trickles of piano, swaying strings and sensitive rhythm. Then maybe the vocally epic ‘In Yours Eyes Another Life’, but the whole album is of high quality.
‘Where Will You Go’ is another beautiful performed and recorded ballad. ‘California’ echoes his earlier solo work, with a floating pace based on light pianos and Andy Timmons sensitive fretwork.
The reaction to these soundscapes, almost Gabrielesque at times, are some uptempo numbers like ‘What We Are’, ‘One Big Game’ and ‘Reason To believe’ which display some harder overtones but are still elevated.
'From the Moon to the Sun' strikes me as a deeply personal album for the songwriter. There is much sadness throughout, balanced with moments of hope and redemption. The music here is filled with the emotion of a man working through tough emotions, letting them all out in the recording studio. You have to give a lot of listens to this album with headphones at night to reveal you its beauty.

Stefantyketto (on 17/09/08)

Kip Winger explores new territories, while sounding vulnerable at the same time. To be more specific, this album requires repeated listening. Moreover, it isn’t made for the summertime (when it got released), as it is really melancholic, slow-paced and introspective.
Winger’s soulful vocals stand out along with his ability to create catchy choruses even in a dark album like this one. His persistence in perfecting each song arrangement is also obvious, as well as the high standard musicianship of his band mates.

The oriental samples of the beautiful “Every Story Told”, the passion and intensity of “Nothing” plus its ambiguous lyrics, the deep sigh of “Where Will You Go”, the soul searching of “Pages and Pages” that clears the ground for the unexpected surprise of the chamber music of “Ghosts”, the filmic “One Big Day” (best song for me), and finally the laid back mood of “California” are the highlights.
Hard and pessimistic album to get into, but Kip is a fine storyteller who knows how to avoid being tedious.

ApriORi (on 13/06/08)

Good melodic rock with some colourful ethnic hints, but far from being an outstanding one.
YNGWIEVIKING (on 26/05/08)

very good CD intelligent modern piece of PROG rock and a must have for those who need some "soft but well crafted music " in between 2 headbanging or sing along session !
This one is for me , better than the WINGER IV and the gifted talent of KIP is obvious !
richste (on 24/05/08)

An excellent album. Atmospheric and enjoyable. Laid back, a glass of wine
and let the music flow. With Alliance
probally the best of this year
manofmystery (on 23/05/08)

Very good album.....nothing more to say, go and buy it and relax
WOLF 359 (on 22/05/08)

A very personal piece of music from Mr. Winger. the songs have an intimate feel to them and the lyrics have a depth not usually found on a rock artists cd.
Ghosts sounds like it should be on a movie soundtrack and maybe that is where Kip wants to go with his music but for now I'll just enjoy the intelligent and thoughtful album.
cradle1scot (on 22/05/08)

Excellent album from Kip. Quite laid back at time but heart warming and good vibes all round :o)


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