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1. Victim Of Time
2. Givin? It All Away
3. Ready For Action
4. Heartache Rock And Roll
5. Too Much To Bear
6. Reckless
7. Child Of The Night
8. All Night Woman
9. Could This Be Love?
10. Yesterday?s News
11. Passion & Pain
12. Searching For A Dream
13. Can?t Loose Anymore *
14. Midnight Reign *
15. Tonight Tonight *

* = bonus tracks
Jan Melanson (v)
Steve Madden (g, v)
Gene Stout (b, v)
Gil Roberts (d, p)
Album added
February 6, 2008
© 2008 Rock Candy Records  (CANDY031)

melodic hard rock
15 tracks - TT 54:21
release date: January 28, 2008
AOR & melodic (hard) rock

RR review
Driving force behind this Canadian band (not to be confused with that other band of the same name, see elsewhere on this site) was American guitarist Steve Madden. Having gained the necessary experience in bands like Madden and Half Nelson, he wanted to do something completely on his own and started writing and recording some brand-new material. Not only did he play all the instruments, he also took care of the lead vocals. Things changed however when he met a waitress by the name of Jan Melanson in 1978. She had never performed in bands before, but was the owner of a strong voice and quickly got the position of lead vocalist. Ads in local papers led to the recruitment of bass player Gene Stout and skinsman Gil Roberts and Harlow (which was the original name of the band) was born. A demo tape of the band was handed over to Clive Corcoran, manager of Saga, who took it with him to Midem in Cannes and succeeded in securing a production deal with Capitol/EMI UK. Saga producer Paul Gross, owner of Toronto?s Phase One Studios, was the obvious man to produce the debut album, which was recorded and mixed in less than a month?s time.
Originally released in 1979, it doesn?t come as a surprise that the album sounds a bit dated, but let?s not forget that it was recorded with a limited budget and ? with the recording technology of the 70s! Strong points of this debut album are the quality of the songs, the guitar parts of Steve Madden and the characteristic vocals of Jan Melanson. Highlights on the album include ?Givin? It All Away?, ?Heartache Rock And Roll?, ?Child Of The Night?, ?Yesterday?s News? and - last but not least - ?Searching For A Dream?.
I don?t dare to claim that this is a classic album, but it is certainly worth checking out. Remastered and provided with a new cover (the original was just plain awful) and three bonus tracks (read: unreleased demos), it?s another rock candy from ? eh ? Rock Candy Records.  (CL)

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atbq123 (on 11/02/10)

Well - I will give this 5* - would have been a clear 6* 20 (even nearly 30 OMG) years ago - when I first baught it - the sheer power and melodics would have given this top marks. The productions not up there with the best 6* (and we're talking Wish and Dark by Floyd and Fire DU by Riot) - but this is still an essential foundation album for the 80's. Jan Melanson is superb and the guitars are crunching. But like all great albums - the song-writing has to be foremost and on this release it's clearly top-notch - no filler - all great tracks. Great to see it on CD at last - if you like Teaze and Starz and Godz and Angel - this is right up there.
Jez (on 31/12/08)

I remember the frst time I heard the delights of 'Victim Of Time' literally blasting out of the radio on the Friday Rock Show all those years back and rushing out to find the LP the next morning. Don't be out off the the cover I told myself, when I finally found it and preceded to blast the hell out of it for the coming weeks, once I had got it home. 'Victim Of Time' is still a major rock out, even by todays standards and is a fine song indeed, showing the band at their meanest. In stark contrast, is the light and shade of the fantastic 'Too Much To Bare' and 'Child Of The Night' alongside the 'poppy' 'Heartache Rock 'n' Roll' and 'All Night Woman'. Unfortunately, the Reckless album was not followed up by a second disc with the same line up, which is a real shame, unless you count the 'Heart Of Steel' disc released in '84, by the same band in name, but certainly not in style or quality for that matter.
Finally this has been released on CD for the first time, and Rock Candy have done a fantastic job of it, even replacing the ghastly original artwork (which the band insisted on with the re-issue), aswell as giving us 3 demo bonus tracks that are great to have and give a taster of more potential this band had. For all it's originality and variation, what this disc does add up to is a tour de force of huge proportions and even nearly 30 years on after it's initial release, it still holds up as a quite brilliant, criminally overlooked piece of music history, that people now have a chance to hear again in all it's glory.
WOLF 359 (on 7/02/08)

A solid album but maybe not the classic Rock Candy think it is , still it does have some great song's and again show's what was going on way back when .


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