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1. Not For Me
2. Live For Tomorrow
3. Lettin? Go
4. Look Out For The Boys
5. I Want You
6. Your Touch
7. Let The Sun Shine
8. You Got Me
9. In My Face
10. Broken
11. Still In Me
12. Dance With Me
Marco Mendoza
Richie Kotzen
Steve Lukather (lg)
Ted Nugent (lg)
Doug Aldrich (lg)
Tommy Aldridge (d)
Brian Tichy (d)
Steve Wiengart (k)
Album added
July 5, 2007
Live For Tomorrow
© 2007 Frontiers Records  (FR CD 341)

melodic hard rock
studio album
12 tracks - TT 49:38
release date: July 6, 2007
AOR & melodic (hard) rock

RR review
There?s a good chance that you own one or more albums in your collection on which Marco Mendoza is credited as bass player. Allow me to name some of them from my very own record collection: Blue Murder?s ?Nothin? But Trouble?, David Coverdale?s ?Into The Light?, Roch Voisine?s ?Kissing Rain?, Ted Nugent?s ?Craveman?, Thin Lizzy?s ?One Night Only? and Tommy Shaw?s ?7 Deadly Zens?. More recently Mendoza has worked for Dolores O?Riordan (of Cranberries fame) and has been on tour with Thin Lizzy in the UK.
Ted Nugent called him once ?the world?s greatest bass player?, but little did we know that Mr. Mendoza could sing a note or two as well. ?Live For Tormorrow? is the title of his debut vocal solo album and it has to be said: he doesn?t sing bad! Most help came from his friend Richie Kotzen (ex-Mr. Big) and on more than one field. Not only did they write the material together (during the second half of last year and the first half of this year), they also performed the songs together, while Richie took care of the production as well. Assisted by special guests as Steve Lukather (lead guitar on ?Live For Tomorrow?), Ted Nugent (guitar solo on ?You Got Me?), Doug Aldrich (lead guitar on ?Your Touch), Tommy Aldridge (drums on ?In My Face? and ?Broken?), Brian Tichy (drums on ?Lettin? Go?, ?I Want You? and ?Still In Me?) and Steve Wiengart (keys on ?Still In Me? and ?Dance With Me?), ?Live For Tomorrow? is a pleasant surprise from this ace bassist and proud father of five kids. Musically we get a mix of different vocal styles, but blues is the principal theme here. As a singer Mendoza is not as good as his examples David Coverdale and Paul Rodgers, but he isn?t bad either. Pick any track to prove that for yourself. Without any lows and highs, this is an entertaining and relaxing album, on which Marc Mendoza can look back with pride.  (CL)

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rkblues (on 16/08/07)

Kotzen fans right...this is one great CD full of great tunes...not real heavy but still rockin'. It's got a kind of blusey funky vibe to the songs but they are good...the production is great...and it's got some great guitar work...I'd recommend this to anybody who likes classic rock music...it's very good IMO.
kotzenfan (on 7/08/07)

As you can tell by my username I will be a little bias about this album. It is very good stuff. Marco and Richie have put together a nice hard rock album. Anyone who likes Glenn Hughes, Richie Kotzen, bass guitar, or bluesy hard rock should like this album. Not mind blowing, but recommended!!!!


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