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1. Window To The Soul
2. New Jerusalem
3. Heaven Can Wait
4. Written On The Wind
5. I Believe In Yesterday
6. The Objector
7. All My Life
8. Gold
9. Since You?ve Been Gone
10. Taken Dreams
John Payne (v, b, g)
Guthrie Govan (g)
Jay Schellen (d, p)
Ryo Okumoto (k)
Album added
August 29, 2006
Window To The Soul
© 2006 InsideOutMusic  (IOMCD 247)

melodic/progressive rock
studio album
10 tracks - TT 64:20
release date: August 28, 2006
progressive rock/metal

RR review
Geoff Downes, John Payne, Guthrie Govan and Jay Schellen ? a.k.a. Asia ? were still working on ?Architect Of Time? (their long announced upcoming studio album) when news reached us in February that the four original Asia band members were about to reunite to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with a tour and probably a new album and DVD. Downes officially parted ways with the other three on February 24, but Payne quickly moved on and founded a new band under the moniker of One, later (when he found out another rock band was already using the name) to be renamed GPS, from the initials of Guthrie, Payne and Schellen.
At first they continued working on ?Architect Of Time? (which is still not finished), but in March John Payne made it clear that One/GPS was to become his priority. Some of the songs that were written for ?Architect Of Time? are now to be found on ?Window To The Soul?, while several new ones ? all credited to Payne/Schellen/Govan ? have been added.
The result is an album that sounds very much like Asia?s last couple of albums, albeit with some differences. With his unique voice Payne obviously determines the sound of GPS (like he did the last 15 years in Asia), but it?s Guthrie Govan (g) and Ryo Okumoto (Spock?s Beard, k) who also attract a lot of the attention. In most of the tracks the focus lies on guitars and keyboards, hence the total playing time of 64:20 for only 10 tracks. Since I got the GPS album a week ago, I have been playing it over and over again and it has developed into one of my favourite progalbums of the year. Among my favourite tracks are ?New Jerusalem? (with absolutely stunning vocals from Payne), ?Written On The Wind? (which starts as a kind of a folk song but soon develops into a wonderful power ballad) and ?Since You?ve Been Gone? (big chorus included). Listening to this album it?s obvious the band members must have had a lot of fun recording it: the sparks flew all around, so to speak.
Conclusion: Produced by John Payne and showing John Kalodner on the cover, ?Window To The Soul? shows that there is life after the John Payne era of Asia. Surrounded by some of the best players around, he once confirms his status as a great songwriter, producer and performer! See the band on tour with Y&T in the UK!  (CL)

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USDHEAD (on 9/08/09)

Didn't I publish my opinion before? Oh well, better late than never.
This is absolutely lovely! Totally melodic heaven.
Jez (on 9/11/06)

Pretty much what I was expecting, once I heard that the Payne era Asia had been shelved, due to the call of the dollar!!There's some great songs on here though, including the title track, 'New Jerusalem' & 'Gold', with special mention going to Ryo Okumoto's keys that lend a quite different feel to some of the arrangements, compared to the trademark 'Parping' of Geoff Downes in Asia. One of the stronger Proggy release of this year & a Disc I like quite a lot.
gerasczman (on 6/11/06)

A good mix of old school classic rock and hard rock with some hints of Prog.The first two songs "Window To The Soul" and "Jerusalem" are brilliant , but unfortunately nothing comes close afterwards.OK,good songs but the big choruses are missing somehow. Ryo Okumoto is the one that makes the difference here with his exciting play.But some more memorable songs would help as well.
Double Visionary (on 10/10/06)

Snoe has summed it up very well.
Good,but not that good.Not essential.
snoe (on 9/10/06)

Unfortunately this is very overhyped. I can see people like this, but this is NOTHING compared to 'Silent Nation'. Where are the memorable songs? The highlights? This is a solid effort, but nothing more. Quality as always with Payne.
AORSATAN (on 7/10/06)

A brilliant album from these talented
musicians,definetly a contender for
album of the year. BRILLIANT.....
AORPOMPY (on 6/10/06)

Another brilliant release ! Nearly forgot this one !
Shame on me !!!!
This is superb and beats Sunstorm and co !
AOR Ive (on 30/09/06)

I have to say that I listened to this album when I already read many positive things about it , so you always expect very much from it . I listened to the album two times now and I have to say that I like it , but I still think the last Asia album was a little bit stronger . One thing I can already say is that the musicianship is top notch and Guthrie and Ryo are two of the best musicians of the world for sure , but the songs just aren't top class in my opinion . Maybe this album is a grower and in a month I am maybe saying that this is one of the best albums of 2006 , but for now I only describe it as very good .
aorrebel (on 29/09/06)

Great album...Fantastic voice of Payne with superb guitar of Govan...perfect combination...Asia lives again!
Rob (on 29/09/06)

The buzz around this release does not completly stand out. Hard to get a 'connection' with the songs (too long at times?) in my opinion.
HIBA (on 25/09/06)

The fact that Asia has reformed is not a bad thing, without that fact this band wouldn't be real ! And boy, they are and it's great !!! Top five contender, absolutely !!
Modulator (on 17/09/06)

"Window To The soul" has some very good songs, but it's to much bla, bla, bla.............
jimbodelux (on 16/09/06)

A very big surprise to me.
GPS is so much better than the latest Asia (which wasn't bad at all). Impressive songs clebverly developped, excellent production and great performance of each members.
And by the way, the addition of Ryo Okumoto is a wonderful idea.
I wan't expecting anything special here but I'm now under the influence
melodicmetalmark (on 12/09/06)

From the first time i played this album my leg was twitching with excitement. A truly stunning album and one sure to be in many peoples top ten list of 2006. Highly recommended.
rolle27 (on 1/09/06)

This is why music was invented; Sexy and Drinkable. Just put a straw into this CD and you'll see what I mean .....
Tanya (on 1/09/06)

Spectacular album ,simply breathtaking ! Great to hear Payne,Schellen and Govan in top form - proving without doubt they are a force to be reckond with !
cradle1scot (on 30/08/06)

Superb album. Anotehr contender for album of the year.Ryo Okumoto is superb and the star of the album for me. Very similar to Silent Nation.
New Jerusalem is the best song here for me. Wonderful keyboards !!
fairyliar (on 30/08/06)

Great album, even better than Silent Nation. Okumoto does it really fine on keyboards, far better than what Downes did on SN. Govan is a monster on guitar, he is just amazing.
Downes left but the spirit and quality are more there than before he departed, so farewell Downes and good luck with Asia (you will probably need it).
WOLF 359 (on 29/08/06)

Darkblue has hit the nail on the head , fantastic album that get's better everytime you play it . Payne / Govan / Schellen and Okumoto should be very proud of what they have achieved on this cd . Contender for album of the year and a challenge to Asia to do their worst . A must buy .
darkblue (on 29/08/06)

I wasn't sure that Payne could hack it without Geoff Downes, but he's put that thought to rest in spectacular style. Great songs,and great performances from all involved. Album of the year? It won't be far away for me anyway.


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