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1. Nevermore
2. Relics Of The Tempest
3. When The Rains Come
4. On The Eve Of The Great Decline
5. Physic
6. Osvaldo?s Groceries
7. The Vigil
8. Old Number 63
9. Melicus Gladiator
10. Picture This
John Bolton (fl, s)
Craig Kew (b, v)
Kerry Livgren (g, k, v)
Lynn Meredith (lv)
Brad Schulz (d)
Dan Wright (or, k, v)
Album added
January 13, 2006
The Wait Of Glory
© 2006 InsideOutMusic  (IOMCD 235)

progressive rock
studio album
10 tracks - TT 62:51
release date: January 23, 2006
progressive rock/metal

RR review
Rereading a few member?s opinions published under the review of Proto-Kaw?s latest album ?Before Became After? (March 2004) elsewhere in these pages, it?s obvious that this band is cherished by most progrock aficionados and rightly so!
As with that previous release, ?The Wait Of Glory? ? Proto-Kaw?s third album - also relates to their fateful past. No mix of old and new songs this time however, as all of the ten songs on offer have been written and recorded somewhere between the spring and the autumn of last year. Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kerry Livgren explains this rather long period of writing and recording as follows: ?It?s quite a change indeed. We used to live all together in a house and make music from the morning till the evening. Today however, we all have a day job. I?ve realised that it?s not such a bad thing to take our time though. We approached the new album in a very meticulous way.? For Livgren, the biggest difference to the previous album lies in the relationship among the musicians. ?When we recorded the last album, we didn?t know who we were as a band. We were in a process of rediscovering each other. Now, with a completed CD and many live gigs, we?ve grown much stronger as a unit. The new album has an incredible power and sparkles with self-confidence, which can only develop through extensive experience with each other.? All I can add is that Livgren hits the nail on the head. Among the most impressive tracks are ?Relics Of The Tempest? (hear those vocals!), ?The Vigil? (hear that melody!) and ?Old Number 63?.
?The Wait Of Glory? once again shows that Proto-Kaw deserves the right to exist. Of course their brand of progrock is not that commercial, but who cares as long as the quality is so high? Also available as a special edition including the bonus track ?One Fine Day? plus a bonus DVD, featuring Proto-Kaw performing live at last year?s ?Nearfest?. Truly recommended to all lovers of EARLY Kansas!  (CL)

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AOR Ive (on 11/02/06)

I like this album more as the debut , because this one is far more melodic and they never get to much over the top . An album you can expect from these kind of musicians and they surely delivered the goods .
AORPOMPY (on 10/02/06)

Have to agree with rkblues and Wolf !
Great, real GREAT stuff and I feel that this one is VERY UNDERRATED !
Where are the prog fans here ? snoe, tomsawya, theater66 etc. ?
Guys, this IS top-class prog, so why not give it the credit it deserves ?
Nearly five and a half rating, I rate it higher than Catley and O'Hora, and just behind Ambition !
It's even better than the great Stride release, which is on the third place for the year so far !
rkblues (on 9/02/06)

Another class album from Mr. Livgren. Good songs...killer production. Kansas fans like myself will love this. There are a few tracks very much like early Kansas in their heyday...but without Walsh's voc's.
WOLF 359 (on 28/01/06)

Not as proggy as the first album , as this has a jazz vibe running through it , but the song's are good and Kerry is on fine form , and as CL says lover's of early Kansas will lap this up .


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