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Update 19/06/2016
 Release Schedule
cover previews added: Aisles, Blues Pills, Cranston, Cruzh, Dare, The Dead Daisies, DGM, Gary Hoey, Jackyl, King Company, Kissin' Dynamite, The Kyle Gass Band, Lanfear, Maverick, Narnia, Erik Norlander, Outlasted, Palace, Palace Of The Kings, Paris, Sabaton, St James, Vivaldi Metal Project, Wolverine

 Album Reviews
ANDERSON/STOLT - Invention Of Knowledge
FEATHERSTONE - Northern Rumble
GREAT MASTER - Lion & Queen
ROB MORATTI - Transcendent
WICKMAN ROAD - After The Rain

Update 18/06/2016
 Album Reviews
Added RR panel's scores to April releases

 Gig Guide
Update 26/05/2016
 Gig Reports
Kickin' Valentina & Albert's Bastards (18/05, Belgium)

Update 22/05/2016
 Album Reviews
AIRBAG - Disconnected
CRYSTAL PALACE - Dawn Of Eternity
DAN REED NETWORK - Fight Another Day
FIRST SIGNAL - One Step Over The Line
JORN - Heavy Rock Radio
RAGE - The Devil Strikes Again
RIVAL SONS - Hollow Bones
SCORPION CHILD - Acid Roulette
TARJA - The Brightest Void
WITHEM - The Unforgiving Road

Update 20/05/2016
 Gig Reports
Magnum (10/05, Holland)

Update 19/05/2016
 Album Reviews
ACACIA AVENUE - Early Warning
BIG BIG TRAIN - Folklore
BLASTED TO STATIC - Blasted To Static
ERIKA - Deaf, Dumb & Blonde
EVIL MASQUERADE - The Outcast Hall Of Fame
FROST - Falling Satellites
PAUL GILBERT - I Can Destroy
IRON SAVIOR - Titancraft
LACUNA COIL - Delirium
PUNKY MEADOWS - Fallen Angel
SUNSTRIKE - Ready II Strike
VARDIS - Red Eye

Update 18/05/2016
 Release Schedule
cover previews added: Airbag, Anderson/Stolt, Big Big Train, Crimson Fire, Fates Warning, Paul Gilbert, Karmakanic, The Pineapple Thief, Rob Reed, Ray Wilson & Yossi Sassi Band

Update 17/05/2016
 Gig Reports
Evergrey (7/05, Belgium)

Update 12/05/2016
 Gig Reports
Circle II Circle, Lord Volture & Desert (5/05, Belgium)

Update 11/05/2016
 Release Schedule
cover previews added: Ancient Myth, Astrakhan, Circa:, Crystal Palace, Dan Reed Network, Hangar, No Sinner, Paradox, Q5, Rage, Richards/Crane, Rival Sons & Scorpion Child

 Album Reviews
LEE ABRAHAM - The Seasons Turn
GRAND MAGUS - Sword Songs
PHANTOM 5 - Phantom 5
TED POLEY - Beyond The Fade
THE RIDES - Pierced Arrow
SUNSTORM - Edge Of Tomorrow
VEGA - Who We Are
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