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Chris McCarnill Jeff Scott Soto Jeff Scott Soto Howie Simon
Jeff Scott Soto Jeff Scott Soto Chris McCarnill and Dave Dzialak Jeff Scott Soto
Jeff Scott Soto

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The past few years it has become pretty obvious that Jeff Scott Soto likes playing in Europe. On a regular bases he heads over to these shores to perform with his solo band or with one of the acts he has been fronting during his 2 decades plus career.
Tonight the Biebob was once again the preferred setting for some steaming live action.

As opening act we got Time who immediately set the standard as far as the sound level was concerned. Unfortunately their performance was below average and especially the vocals and drums were at times pretty awful.

JSS and band had the crowd on its feet the minute they took the stage and it was clear they were here to take no prisoners. During the first part of the show the emphasis was on the more rockier songs from JSS’s rich back catalogue and the band played tracks from just about every band Jeff had ever been part of. The sound level however was a bit too high and on more than one occasion it almost became a bit too much on the ears. At times it even resulted in the sound being quite out of balance.
Halfway thought the performance the band slowed things down a bit for the now well known semi-acoustic part during which mister Soto took place behind the keyboards (which weren‘t working properly at first). For me personally this was the high light of the show with the guys serving up bits and pieces from Jeff’s impressive career.
Following this more mellow show moment, was a mix of covers from the likes of Seal, Prince, Metallica, Bee Gees, Scorpions,… and both the band and those in attendance were clearly having a good time. The combo played a very tight set and Howie Simon seized every opportunity to show once again he ’s an excellent guitarist. Lending Howie a hand in delivering these first class musical fireworks were drummer Dave Dzialak and new face Chris McCarnill on bass, who already seemed to have settled in quite well.
But it was of course Jeff who took up most of the spot light with that amazing voice of his and his unequalled showmanship. At the beginning of the band’s set he even handled four string duties on a by mister McCarnill himself designed bass guitar.
All in all we had another great night at Belgium’s number 1 rock club even if the noise level was close to being critical at times.

Report by AV Pictures by SDR


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aorlover (on 9/09/05)
how do you know it starts at 17,30 in De Bosuil on their site there is no time added?
Let us know because we are also comming to Weert!!!!!
werner (on 4/09/05)
great gig by Jeff and his men.there are no other bands with so much energie as the jeff scott soto band.Btw for the people who missed this gig the have the change to see him on september 18 in De Bosuil in weert the gig starts at 17.30 and the doors open at 16.30!! be there


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Jeff Scott Soto
August 26, 2005
Biebob, Vosselaar

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