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Mike Dimeo of The Lizards Bobby Rondinelli of The Lizards Randy Pratt of The Lizards Patrick Klein of The Lizards
Bobby Rondinelli of The Lizards The Lizards Paul Raymond of UFO Pete Way of UFO
Jason Bonham of UFO Vinnie Moore of UFO UFO Phil Mogg of UFO
Phil Mogg of UFO Vinnie Moore and Phil Mogg of UFO UFO

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With Bobby Rondinelli (a.o. Rainbow & Blue Oyster Cult) and Mike DiMeo (Riot), New York based The Lizards have some well known names in their line-up. They have already delivered three albums but due to the many releases hitting the melodic rock market every week, I haven't heard a single one yet. So this gig as support act to UFO was my first encounter with their music which can best be described as a mix of classic rock with some funky and bluesy touches. Nothing new but very solid and entertaining. With Patrick Klein they not only have a guitar player who cranked out some great guitar solos influenced by the sounds of the seventies, he also looked like he was coming from that decade. Front man Mike DiMeo sometimes reminded me of Robert Plant and is the right choice for this unit. But most attention went without a doubt to mister Rondinelli whose pounding rhythms and slick chops showed why he once played with Ritchie Blackmore. Although he has gained a little weight he remains a great rummer who sat as solid as a rock behind his drums. Obviously a drum solo couldnít be left out and during this part of the show, Bobby treated us to a mix of technique and entertainment. The crowd responded with much enthusiasm and with Rondinelli no more a part of Blue Oyster Cult he has his hands free to make this band his priority. Next stop for the band is at the Sweden Rock festival before returning to their homeland for a new tour.

Last year a refreshed UFO treated us to a new album and a new line-up. On the tour that followed, and much to the delight of many fans, we saw a reborn rock band that played with a lot of joy. Unfortunately nothing was captured on film, so recently they planned a special gig in Germany that was going to be filmed for a DVD release. However this one off gig quickly transformed into a new short European tour. So was there something new or different to see or hear from the gigs they played last year? No. But was it therefore a bad gig then? Certainly not! Perhaps not as many people showed up as expected- which explains why this gig changed venues at the last moment- but the fans who did turn up, had a great time and so did the band. Beginning with Vinnie Moore who played those UFO riffs with perfection while adding his own colour to the guitar solos. A perfect replacement for Michael Schenker. Another well chosen newcomer is Jason Bonham who has a firm and steady beat and played the skins with a lot of confidence. Something that didnít pass unnoticed as heís been asked by Foreigner to join forces, which doesnít mean he will leave UFO. And then of course we have the long time members Pete Way, still jumping and rolling all over the stage, Phil Mogg whose voice is still in great shape and Paul Raymond, whose guitar and keyboard sounds added a lot of colour and melody to the songs. Together this unit delivered a rock solid set with the greatest UFO hits and evidently a lot of new tunes. The final touch was provided by a well balanced sound and perfect volume, which were all the ingredients we needed to keep the ambiance going. Or to say it with a quote from one of the many French fans who were here tonight: Cíetait magnifique! If this line-up can keep it together, Iíll bet the new album will be a real classic.

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MetalDen (on 19/06/05)
Nice pictures, nice gig. It seems all the European tour was exceptional, find the proof in the gig reports of Benji for the May 13th in Wilhelmshaven (Germany), then my report of the gig at Pratteln, Switzerland, Tuesday May 17th. All that and many more nice pictures on :
rockit (on 19/06/05)
First time in Biebob Vosselaar, first time to see UFO, a band I learned to know through my husband. The Lizards where indeed surprising, especially the drummer, what an artist!
UFO performed a splendid gig, with in my humble opinion all wonderfull artists. Vinnie Moore was absolutely amazing and Phil Mogg, with a unique way of performing, sang all songs really beautiful! Pete Way, haha, he's crazy... not standing still for a minute... . I liked this gig a lot especially in this rather small but perfect venue, really gives it a special touch!
I hope to see more of this band real soon!


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UFO & The Lizards
May 20, 2005
Biebob, Vosselaar

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