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Machiavel Machiavel Machiavel Machiavel
Slade Slade Slade Slade
Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes

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Last year this cosy festival was held in a tent, but this time they moved to the more solid Cultural Centre of Harelbeke town. The first band is Tantrum, an English blues trio that revives the spirit of bands like ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Rory Gallagher. A couple of months before they opened for Robin Trower in the same hall en convinced the audience that they are a valid band. The young guys of Tantrum confirmed their reputation.

The Brew are another British trio that has a father and son on bass and drums. Their young guitar player of nineteen years old completes a fascinating band that plays rootsy rock’n roll with an approach that reminds me of Jimi Hendrix and The Free. It wouldn’t be fair though to call them an retro band because they have a fresh and contemporary approach to the way they present their music. The play with energy, enthusiasm and dedication and their appeal makes them attractive to young fans as is shown by the interest they generate after the show.

Belgian art rockers Machiavel couldn’t play last year because of a serious car accident of singer Mario Gucci. This time they are alive and well and show everybody their immense qualities: good original songs en professional musicianship. It’s really a shame that this band isn’t more internationally known. To me this was by far the best set of the whole day.

Slade are still a live band that counts! They play all their hits with a lot of motivation and dedication. Most people in the hall where there to see Slade and they don’t get disappointed. They may be old, they may be clowns but they know every trick in the book and they still believe for a hundred percent in what they do. Even with only two original members, they manage to reproduce that unique sound they are famous for. Slade are funny, entertaining and professional.

The disappointment of the day is Glenn Hughes, well, not Glenn himself, but the band he has taken with him sound like they need some more rehearsal. Hughes goes more and more in the direction of funk and soul and the man himself gives a wonderful vocal performance. As I said, it’s the band that fails. This comes to a very painful moment when they start playing the powerful Deep Purple classic ‘Burn’. The guitar player doesn’t manage to play the riff right and ruins the whole song. There’s has also a keyboard player who sounds and looks like he’s learning the songs at that very moment. What a pity. Glenn get rid of that band and come back to show us what you really can do. You’re still the voice of rock!

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Classic Rock 'n' Blues Festival (Glenn Hughes, Slade, Machiavel, The Brew & Tantrum)
September 13, 2008
Cultural Centre, Harelbeke

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